Today is the day Big Chop

Unfortunately my city doesn't have many ethnic salons so I'm lost as to how to go about doing the big chop? Is it true I can do it myself? Any tips or advice would be great

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Go to a barber

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My mom did my bc because she went to cosmotology school when she was young but never pursued the career. She did her bc a few months ago and went to a barber and it looks great. Also I've had my hair cut before by people who weren't black who did a good job. It doesn't necessarily mean they cant do it. I would ask around.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.
I did hubby cuts his own hair n helped me with mine. I feel great

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Congratulations! I did mine 2 days ago (sunday). I know the feeling you're talking about!
I think I still have a bit of straight but didn't get it professionally done. Tips for growth n good styling products

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A great wash regimen would be:

Hot oil treatment or prepoo (once a week)
Shampoo (once a month)
Deep Condition 2hrs (as often as you like)
Use a creamy leave in.
Whatever oils you like
Shea butter(optional)
Satin scarf

I found my moisture balance with only two products combined. I could them both at walgreens.

Deep conditioner
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And creamy leave in
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These two gave me moisture softness and curl definition all at once. I plumped my hair the next morning with:

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And I had moisture all day.
Thank you so much. Finally got to pick up products LOVE EM!

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