Out Of Transition Hairstyle Ideas!

I am almost 1 year post relaxer( the 1 year post relaxer day will be Jan. 27). I am running out of transition hairstyle ideas. I have done roller sets, braids, buns, etc. I need some suggestions on any more transitioning hairstyle ideas. I would prefer not to wear weaves or extensions. I was also thinking about maybe wearing two strand twists but I don't know how it will look with straight ends. I need help!!! Any suggestions?! ( I plan to big chop maybe towards the end of this month)
Since you have like a week or 2 left before you BC, you should try the 2 strand twist. You can use perm rods on the ends so it can come out curly.

I know exactly what you mean. Styling can get really boring really fast. You did half the styles I was goin to suggest. When I really don't know what to do, I just put my hair in 2 french braids for like 2 days until I figure something out. But time will fly by and before you know it you'll be completely natural!
After about 6 mo I didnt even attempt styling. I got attached to the realistic look of lace wigs and the low maintenance. i guess thats not much help if you want to avoid not wearing your hair out. Thats how I felt before it became too hectic for my schedule (job and dealing with my two natural girls hair).

Well when i did style it was a series of cornrow/braid/flat twist/twist outs with rods or rollers on the end and rod sets with my dryer. Then u can leave it down, part it, ponytail it, poof it,add accesssories or do braids or twist halfway or make a mohawk with banana clips or braids on the sides . The whole point is that its manageable and new growth is well blended. Then u do wat u want. And actually I think the straight ends make it look a little more defined once its dried and curled. u can always take a waver or wand and do here and there roots that didnt properly blend. it makes the texture look more realistic when u do this. The way i did it ppl thought it was my hair texture it didnt have that obvious "braid mold".

Every once in a while do a straight look. The dry saran wrap makes your hair as straight and swishy as possible w/o goin to a dominican salon. theres a youtube video on ateeya's channel about that. But to keep the damage down dont do this regularly. Then you can go back to the braid or twist outs before u wash out ur straightened hair n have finer, more stretched waves n curls.

These will keep u until ur big chop or evn for someone like me who jus said lets see how long i can get away with it being there.
Before goin to bed moisturize and put it in two cornrows w/o combin or brushing the waves out n it should keep as long as u need it.

massage the roots wen u take it out for volume n lifting any parts

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