BC...when should I do it?

I have been thinking about going natural for months and have finally decided to do it. I am so excited and eager to transition to my natural hair that I don't want to wait because I'm scared I'll lose my resolve. I received my last relaxer around New Years and I haven't given my hair much time to present new growth...so I'm wondering should I do the BC tomorrow? Or wait a few weeks until I get more new growth? Someone please help me, I could really use the advice...
That decision is all on you. If you don't want to transition (cuz it is a long process) or you don't mind starting from scratch and rockin short hair then you should BC. But that's the decision you have to make because you don't want to run from transitioning and BC and then be miserable with short hair too. So it's definitely something YOU have to think about.
I agree. It depends on what hair/ style goal u have for yourself. Some like the TWA. Others want a little longer so they BC and wear braids for a few months.
Since you just got your last relaxer around new years, you won't have very much new growth at all. So it is really up to you. You can either start from scratch or transition for a little bit. I chose to transition for more length.

It is what you feel comfortable with. Let us know what you decide to do.

I, personally would big chop. When I cut my hair it was very short, but for *me* I think if I tried to transition longer I would have relapsed into a perm. It also gave me time to learn about my natural hair as it grew. I wanted to transition for a year then bc. But I did it for about four months and never looked back. I loved my hair short, this comin from a person who damn near cried when it was time to trim my ends when I was relaxed. But the decision is yours, if youde prefer entering your natural journey with longer hair, transition until you reach a length your comfortable with. If you had your last perm jan 2012 if you cut it you might have hair that's short like a fade. I've seen a lot of women with hair that short, many pull it off very well.

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