Braids- to do or not to do!

I currently have a twa and I'd love to get braids but I don't want damage my already fragile edges. I'm thinking box braids are the way to go. Any techniques or hairline styles that would eliminate the need to pull each strand along my hairline individually?

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In all honesty, I would say REALLLLLLLY evaluate your hair before getting braids...of any kind....If your hairline is really fragile (this is coming from personal experience) and you add hair to it (even small braids with a good amount of hair in each one) it may still pull your hair out. I've lost a great deal of hair to braids. I'm not saying this to scare you but really consider it before you do it, perhaps your hair is not AS fragile as mine around the edges. One thing you can do (if/when you get them) is to take them down (the braids at the edges) and massage your temples, treat your scalp, and rebraid them yourself. Also try less braid hair to reduce the weight/pull on your natural hair or even braid that area in a different style (i.e.-put a part in your hair and cornrow the edges down and braid the rest normally...hope that makes sense).
i found that the hair you use just as much as the style can affect wheither or not it pulls out your hair. It really depends on how your braider installs the braids. Box braids do pull just as much as cornrows, but using human hair helps with the weight on your hair.

I do like the style idea the woman above me mentioned too.
Thanks, ladies!

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