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I need help on what to do with my hair. My hair type is 3c. I don't have any regimens and don't know what i should and shouldn't do.
My hair is also 3c and this is my regimen:

Wash hair twice a week with suphate/cones free shampoo and conditioner. Use the Icequeen method when applying the conditioner.

On the night before wash:
Once a week I apply a homemade Shea butter deep treatment.
Once a week I apply castor oil to my roots and hair (mix it with sweet almond oil as the castor oil is too thick.) castor oil helps my hair grow and moisturises the new growth.
That's why I wash my hair twice a week.

After the washes I apply argan or jojoba oil to my ends, leave in from IC Fantasia and I seal it with keracare seal&shine.

I do not apply any heat to my hair. I also take multivitamins in the morning and biotin at night while drinking plenty of water.

Hope this helps you but at the same time let me tell you that while we have the same hair type, your hair might like different products. You have to try and see.

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