-sigh- should I start over?

I was transitioning last year & suddenly had to straighten my hair just to look "decent" for the holidays & the family reunions/parties. I tried so hard to avoid heat (air drying & VERY low setting on the flat iron). I have been trying to get my curls back since mid january, and a few have reverted but I noticed something weird about my pattern & it's freaking me out.

The front of my hair is straight at the ends & curly up top, it's always been like this & this is what i've been trying to grow out. The back of my head has always had nice curls. However, recently I noticed that the back of my hair has looser curls than before; not only that but it's curly at the root, straight shaft & then curly ends. Weird right?

Maybe I just need to be patient... Anyone ever experience this?

(I have 3c/4a hair by the way, in case it's relevant in any way)
I've never experienced this but I also have only been natural for two months...when you say you straightened your hair do you mean just with a flat iron or a relaxer? If it was a relaxer, that could be the source of your texture changes?
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If by straightening, you mean relaxed then yes you will have to start over. If you mean flat iron then just wait it out & see if the texture changes. While you are waiting, don't apply any more heat. Hopefully it's not heat damaged. If so, then usually it's no coming back from that & you till have to cut the damaged hair off. Hope this helps!!
Sounds like you might've suffered from some heat damage. There's really only two options that you can do. WIt it out and stay way from the heat. Use protein treatments and deep condition often. OR you can BC, start over with healthy curlS/ growth and take this as a lesson learned.

Out of curiosity, did you use heat protectant when using heat and how often did you utilize it? Where you mindful of the temperature on the flat iron?

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I straightened with a flat iron and yes I did use heat protection before I applied heat. I set the flat iron on the lowest temperature. I used heat for thanksgiving, christmas and new year's eve.

Today I tried an argan deep treatment that was laying around and mixed it with an egg for protein and some of the curls did come back and are even more defined (not including the previously damaged strands in the front), so I'm a little calm now. I'll just have to baby my hair and be very very careful now -sigh- lesson learned!

Thank you all so much!

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