so i big chopped...
i'm happy and everything BUT my hair is REALLY dry=/ sigh lol does anyone have anything that can fix this?
i co-wash. i use natural oils and such to seal my hair.
Qhemet amla and olive oil cream is good. You can get online at sage natural store.
Sorry to be off topic but I'm considering big chopping and I'm currently in high school and I don't feel like I could pull it off... Was it worth it other do you regret the bc

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I belive if you're ready to do it just go for it(: I have no regrets in my bc but I do get impatient and wish my hair could grow faster so I can do more styles. Oh and also make sure if you bc do it on a break or weekend if you're not 100% sure so you can pick a style that you really like(:

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@mixxitup, when co-wash do you rinse out all of the conditioner then apply a leavin/ moisturizer? Are you sealing while your hair is still wet? What type of moisturizer are you using? depending on the weather where you live, glycerin in your moisturizer may not be your friend.

@Imgellin I did the BC back in July and haven’t regretted a thing However, I am 25 and dont have to deal with the pressures and issues of being a highschool student. Here are 2 youtube videos of young girls who did the BC and you can find plenty more online as well. One transitioned for like a year and the other one BC'd rather quickly. I honestly believe you will know when the time is right for YOU!

My Big Chop! - YouTube


Natural Hair: The Big Chop at 16 - YouTube
BC'd July 1, 2011
Bella is dense, thick, with low porosity

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