Biotin....whos taking it.

You have to take at least 3000 mcg to see a difference
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ok so, the be beautiful soft chews it doesn't say how much it you know if it is up to 3000 or what?
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I know the be beautiful line has at least 3000mcg which is perfect. When your done with the chews, switch to the pills. All you need is one pill a day. I take mine at night because biotin is water soluble. So I just figure I won't urinate all the biotin during the day verses at night
I dnt have an hair type yet not until I cut off my relaxed ends.

Jasmine S.Bby
@nikki3b Girl you have been a big help thanks. Lol, I don't think I will be done until april. I got two packages lol.

Jasmine S.Bby
@nikki3b Girl you have been a big help thanks. Lol, I don't think I will be done until april. I got two packages lol.

Jasmine S.Bby
Originally Posted by Jasminesbby
No problem. If you have any more questions feel free to ask. It make take while to see results but just keep takin them
Not sure if you are interested, byte changing your diet helps a lot for hair growth. Have you tried any green smoothness?

These are also natural ways of getting booting:

Swiss Chard - This green plant is a top producer of biotin. It's also a great part of a healthy salad choice that will provide antioxidants and help balance a diet. 2. Carrots - Carrots contain a supply of biotin, as well as beta-carotene, which helps with general eye health. 3. Almonds, Walnuts and Other Nuts - A variety of nuts supply the body with biotin, and are a portable way to get proteins and other nutrition into a diet. 4. Chicken Eggs - Eggs are a source of biotin, although it's important to note that eating a diet unusually high in egg whites can actually be a catalyst for a biotin deficiency. That's because a specific element in the egg whites binds to the element and prevents it from being distributed properly. It's important to always consider how eggs are added to a diet in order to prevent this kind of vitamin deficiency. 5. Goat's Milk and Cow's Milk - In addition to calcium and other healthy items, milks are also a source of biotin for the body. 6. Berries and Fruits - Some types of berries, including strawberries and raspberries, can get the body a significant amount of biotin. These fruits also provide antioxidants and health benefits, as part of a natural, whole food approach to eating. Experts recommend buying local and organic when possible. 7. Halibut - In addition to being "brain food," this fish also contains large amounts of biotin. Think about adding it as an occasional entre. 8. Vegetables - Other vegetables like onions, cucumbers and cauliflower all contain biotin, and are healthy ways to fit this vitamin into meals.

The above are some of the healthiest way to get it.

By the way, I got this off a healthy eating website and now can't find link with my phone. Sorry.

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Yikes, sorry for all the spelling errors, my smart phone has a mind and language of its own.

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Alot of what you listed I eat in my everyday diet, I don't feel I need to change my diet, I feel like I have enough nutrition already.

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I've been taking Biotin on and off late last year because it was making me break out on my face. But last month I started taking it again and it's been fine. It's only be 3 weeks so it's too soon to see the difference with my hair. BUT I will say that my nails are growing like crazy.

this is the brand I'm using. Once it's finished, I want to use a higher MCG. Since I'm taking 600 MCG, I take 2 so it can be more effective.
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I don't take plain biotin pills by themselves. However, I take a women's daily vitamin than has a great amount of biotin in it
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I was taking biotin 5000mcg but im acne prone and my face broke out in cystic bueno. I have however started taking Biosil about 2 weeks ago. Its supposed to help with hair/nails/skin/joints and hasn't broken me out.

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I'm anaemic so I'm on iron tablets but I also drink Berocca every morning which contains a bit of Biotin +vitamins. Not sure if it does anything for my hair but it builds up my immune system and gives me energy .That must go towards hair growth because it depends on the healthy state of the body to thrive.

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