Its sooooo dry!

Heyy everyone, I am currently 4 months in. My last relaxer was on October 15. I think I am a 4a. Not too sure because in some areas, I don't see any curl pattern at all. I'm currently experiencing a lot dryness. The products I use are Herbal Essence Hello Hydration conditioner and Kids Organics Shea Butter Detangling Moisturizing Hair Lotion. I'm not sure what I should be using for a daily moisturizer. I also have my jojoba oil to seal moisture, but I don't know how to. Please help me!
Maybe try a thicker hair moisturizer. I'm not familiar with the hair moisturizer you mentioned, but I would assume that it isn't very thick since it's a hair lotion. My understanding of sealing is to apply the oil after your moisturizer. I don't think there is a specific technique that you have to use. Good luck! I hope this helps.

I had the same question about sealing moisture. I was told to apply the oil to wet hair. And that water is ur friend. ur hair must be wet for the oil to seal in the moisture

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Oh and also coconut oil is great for sealing moisture

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Try some jherri curl juice on damp/wet hair and seal that in with your fave oil.
One example is 'sta sof fro'- there is a reason why they have been around for so long.
Other popular ones care free curl activator and s-curl.
I also advocate sealing with oil afterwards especially if you are unsure about how humid it is in your parts.

If you are glycerin sensitive, taliah waajid's mist bodifier is not bad.

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water water water and then a leave in conditioner then a gel. Oil can keep moisture in, but it can also keep it out so be careful with oils. I've found that natural gels (aloe vera fruit of the earth, upper managment gel or kinky curly curling custard) are the best for keeping hair moist.
I love herbal essences Hello Hydration. I am not familiar with Kids organic shea butter lotion. However, I did just look up its ingredients online. One of the first 5 ingredients is glycerin. In the summer it can be great, but in the winter it can make hair dry. Where you live are the winters cold and dry? If so this product may be contributing to your dry hair. Your daily moisturizer can be anything from a lotion to a crème to a leave in conditioner. The most important thing to look at when hunting for a moisturizer is to ensure the #1 ingredient listed is water/aqua. When you seal, it should follow your moisturizer and the hair should still be wet. I too use jojoba oil to seal, that may work fine for you once you begin properly moisturizing and sealing. Look at sealing as a method for locking in moisture. If you lock in dry hair, you will have dry hair. if you lock in moist hair, you will have moisturized hair, get it? HTH J
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I think the silicones in the HH are contributing to your hair dryness. Also make sure to keep up with your protein treatments. Very important for the relaxed parts of your hair because the chemical processes damage the hair. I always shied away from protein but a couple of years ago I discovered that my hair stayed more moisturized when I kept up with my protein treatments.

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Thank you everyone! I will try everything, and hopefully I see better results

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