Not Exactly a BC, but a Cut

Well not exactly a BC, but a cut nonetheless.

After reading through so many topics here and perusing through the web, I decided I should try and cut most of my split ends. I'm thinking I will cut it every 4 to 6 months until it starts looking healthy.

I'm also buying the transition kit from curlmart and in the meantime made a trip to Sally's and bought Dr Miracles curly line. Some one told me I should have a couple of different brands anyways.

So here is the beginning of my journey.

Not Exactly a BC, but a Cut-uploadfromtaptalk1330224018749.jpg

Not Exactly a BC, but a Cut-uploadfromtaptalk1330224256105.jpg

Not Exactly a BC, but a Cut-uploadfromtaptalk1330224393700.jpg

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Thank You,

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Big step... congratulations! Keep us posted.
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!
I did the same thing! I did not have the guts to big chop (besides my head is too big lol) so I just cut my hair into a bob and started to transition from there. Good luck in your transition!!

Hey congrats. I also did a cut not a bc and while I was proud initially I have been having waves of regret but still pushing forward nonetheless
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