Hair with no curl:(

Hi everyone!
I have a quick question
I'm cutting my relaxed ends off on Saturday but I've cut a few pieces of my hair in the last month.
On the sides, I really don't have a curl at all:/ I noticed it today and I just wanted to know if anyone has experienced this as well
How long have you been transition and how long have you been straightening your hair? I am experiencing that somewhat, but I just started the curly journey myself. My last relaxer was on Christmas day.

I am obviously new with no experience, but from what I have read, depending on how long you have been straightening will play a role on how long it takes your hair to go curly. I have read some have taken as long as two years.

Also, you can find lots of websites with really nice transition hair styles you can wear while you wait for your curls to grow out some before doing a bc.

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Big Chop 2/12/2013
I've been transitioning for a year and I only straighten my hair once in the last year. My curls in the front and back are fine. I just noticed that the sides are a bit loose. They curl with product and that's it.
It could be that my hair is dry because I've transitioned with spring twists
Thanks for the advise! I appreciate it I will look into those sources
That makes sense. I'm sure your sides will catch up with the rest in no time.

In the mean time I am very interested in what those with more experience have to say?


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Big Chop 2/12/2013
Maybe you just have a different texture there.
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Title just caught my eye in New Posts - not transitioning myself. Used to relax mine many, many years ago when my hair was a lot coarser and curlier. When I got tired of it, cut it off and tried to wear it curly, it had no oomph, but I found good, regular protein treatments helped amp them up . . . .
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I think there may be a different texture there!!
I can't wait to deep condition it and restore its moisture
The twists I transitioned with were great but I need to properly care for my hair
I will have to look into doing a protein treatment!
Thanks for all of the advice ladies
It's truly helpful

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