Having a hard time transitioning(tips please)

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Ive been transitioning for almost 6-8 months and its been hard.I have no idea what to do with my hair how to style it with my two different textures.My hair is past my bra strap when its wet.Ive had at least 4 inches of my natural hair grown in these months.My hair is impossible to deal with at this point i cant leave it down because the top of my hair gets big and the rest is all flat and stringy.So because i cant leave my hair down i always put it up and its making me lose hair on my hair line so now i dont even want to put it up because my front is thinning.I moisturize my hair all the time.I need some tips on what hairstyles i can do that well make both my textures blend.I dont want to straighten my hair
Are you trying to wear your hair down with the 2 textures?

You can check youtube for suggestions that may help.

I did a lot of bantu knots (chiney bumps) out, twist out and flat twist outs. I used half wigs too and wore a sew in for a few months. I have been transitioning for 1 yr now.

I think once you find a style you like, it won't be so hard for you.

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hello, im nappyjazzie

i dont know if this wil work for you but you can try it. when i was transitioning i would do rods sets.it will hide the fact that you have to different textures. and it is amazing.

hopes i helped get back to me to see how it works.
peace love and hair grease!!!
I second rod sets, or rollersets to hide the two textures. I wash my hair, apply a good leave-in conditioner, detangle, then rollerset. I have been doing this for three months now. I am almost 4 months post relaxer, and have had about 3 inches of hair growth that I retained! The best part is, I usually pin curl my hair at night to maintain my style, and then wake up, shake, add a headband and go! It is very low maintenance, and it will give your hair a good break.

I hope you are also deep conditioning too. I've noticed that DC'ing alone has helped to maintain a softer hair texture for me, and make my hair more manageable to deal with. Good luck with finding a hairstyle, and hang in there!
Definitely check out youtube for transitioning styles, there are so many others transitioning and working with their two textures the best way they can. Try twist out (two strand twisting your hair while it's damp, let it air dry, then untwist when dry), bantu knot outs, braids usually work too, flat twists.

What products are you using if you don't mind me asking?
last relaxer; 082708, BC; 081810, CG; 122410
high porosity, med/coarse texture, high density, color treated
condish;TN, DevaCurl Heaven in Hair stylers; Heaven in Hair, DevaCurl Curl Cream oils;Castor Oil

YTChannel: http://www.youtube.com/user/papiermachecurls

Would you consider a weave or braids? Protective style, and low maintenance. I've been transitioning for about 6 months now. At first I just went to the salon for a wash and blow, but then I put braids in, and that helped me out a lot. Now I'm in love with twistouts. For my twistsouts I just twist on damp hair and use a leave in conditioner. When I'm done w/that I roll it up w/perm rods. Then I'm good to go. Flat twists also work great. My sister is awesome w/her braidouts and Bantu knots. You can do this! It's all about finding what works best for your hair.

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I kind of dont want to do like braids or anything like that because i dont like the way it looks on me.I want to be able to leave my hair loose without it looking big on the stop stringy on the bottom.What are rod sets guys.Im new to this so i have no idea what some of these styles are.Also can i use rollers on my hair, well that work.I have rollers but i have a difficult time putting them on.

Thanks guys!
I am using alfil honey and almond deep conditionar ( a dominican product) and im using carols daughter marguerites magic and thats it .
Also my hair has become extremely hard to comb even with conditionar in it. The middle of my hair gets really knotted up and because i put my hair in a bun alot the front of my hair is thinning so thats why i want to find a way to leave it loose because i want the hair in the front to grow back again
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try bantu knot outs! they've been working for a couple of months now... you just need to find the right products that will soften your hair a bit if it's getting hard to handle. i can't really advise you on much because i have no exact idea of what your hair looks or feels like
what i've been doing (i'm also transitioning) is letting my hair air dry, separating my hair into a lot of sections; apply a little bit of leave in conditioner, seal that with any oil or serum you like to use and braiding each sections into two strand twists/braids, then twisting each one into a little knot. i then let that dry or i usually sleep on it. the next morning i coat my fingers with a little oil or hair serum to avoid frizz as i take the knots out.

i am no expert, but this is what has been working for me. you can try it too, and if you want you can use alternate techniques until you're comfortable.
Try prepooing with Vatika oil to soften your hair. Cowash with Tressamme Naturals and finger detangle. That may help with the tangles and knots (at least it's working for my daughter's transitioning hair.) Also try to use roller sets (yes they work). The more you do it the more you'll get the hang of it. Or, go the easy route and bc. I bc'd my apl/bsl-ish hair down to one inch when I couldn't get my heat damaged hair to spring back to life. I tried to transition but that didn't last long. Now my hair is neck length and hopefully on it's way back to bsl. Good luck...

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this takes time and patience but i do straw sets.. it last a week and i can let my rolts be as puffy as they want

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