God,How I Want it so Bad.

So Natural Ladies! I am 4 months totally natural and my hair is ehhhh getting better as the months roll by.. But I have a little story to share of how i became natural ( wasn't by exact choice). I went camping with my boyfriend last summer and we were at the lake. My boyfriends sisters jumped in and I thought " what the heck, might as well join them right?", Well no hunnnny i was wrong; see i been wearing a partial weave since i was in 8th grade non-stop (I'm a freshman/Sophmore in College currently). Overtime the weave became my real hair ,it was my best friend. But anyways i jumped in, i got out, i went into bathroom, my hair was knotted in the weave, 3days later i went to hairdresser, couldnt detangle it, cut the weave out my hair, and i cryed. i know... so sad? My hairdresser told me to wear my own hair. So the top of my hair is permed and the rest of my hair is natural. Today, currently, i have 4 inches of new growth . I have to say transitioning is so much fun. the idea of having my own hair down my back and saying its mine is just...well...awsome! I have a big question i want to wear my hair down but everytime i do so i have to twist the top cause it looks funny... should i just cut the permed hair on top? or just let it be? I look at your ladies pictures and all of you look so gorgous with all your curly hair . Just trying to get where you ladies are. Any advice? Let a confused chica know!
Love your story! COngrats on making the big decision.

You'll find lots of great info all over the site. Be sure to check our transitioning area here!
NaturallyCurly.com co-founder

You are beautiful!

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