So I haven't used heat on my hair since my last relaxer. Two months ago, I had really bad split ends. The ends of my hair were even dry and kind of brittle. I had my hair cut by my mother. For two weeks after my last relaxer, I did a search and destroy method almost everyday. Before I decided to do a search and destroy method this week, I realized the ends of my hair were in better shape. I knew heat was bad for my hair but I honestly didn't know they caused that much damage. I only seen a spit end here and there from natural elements in the environment and occasional brushing. I think even once I'm natural, I would continue to air dry/paper towel dry my hair. My hair is rarely dry now. I see why many naturals go hardcore for using zero to low heat on their hair. I've gone from using a blow dryer with a comb attachment on my hair (while wet), to blow drying without a comb attachment, to roller setting with heat, to blow drying and flat ironing in the same day, to zero heat at all. This is a big accomplishment for me. My hair is retaining more length without protective styling majority of the time. I'm happy for these results!!!

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