Breakage,scab hair and a world full of promblems ugh(photos)

I recently discovered that i have breakage on the crown of my head from all the years of pushing my hair slick back with a brush.There are tiny little hairs that are broken coming out of my scalp i also i have 4 inches of scab hair in the middle of my head going all the way down.With all this being said i also have healthy hair that underneath my hair on the sides of my head its very very soft and fine and looks like my real hair texture because the hair underneath is always more protected.

I know i cant get rid of the breakage on the crown of my hair until new hair grows in and the breakage is in the bottom and i can just cut it off and the scab hair eithier but i would like some tips on how to keep the hair growing in healthy and keep it from breaking

This is the hair underneath that very soft and fine

This is the top of my head/crown area that has breakage/brittle/hard

These are the little hairs pooping out that are broken/brittle

And finally the scab hair that has no curl pattern just straight wiry unresponsive to any products possibly also some breakage

I am doing CG method and it has helped. See my two blogs here. Pics showing the difference.

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