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So, i did my BC back in Sept 2011. And my hair has grew a lot since then, how ever its stuck at this SHORT length and is growing out uneven (short on the sides and in the middle).

Basically I'm trying to find a night regimen that doesnt include braiding or twisting because my hair isn't long enough to do that every night.

Hi Sassy!

Welcome to our community; we're so glad to have you.

I moved your thread over here to Transitioning; I think you'll get more help here.
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!
Do you have any pictures of your length now??
Hair type:
4A/4B(coarse, very thick, dry, and curly)
Big chop 3/27/12
Hair styling products: Shea Moisture(yellow line shampoo n restorative conditioner)

Density: High
porosity: Definitely LOW

Hey lady.... Just wanted to say a quick hello. I feel your pain. Real talk call me lazy but at night i sleep on my hair. I dont braid or twist I get up in the morning spay my hair add a lil gel and rock a PUFF....
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