I'm a different kind of transitioner... I think :)

Hi girls! I look at where I am with my hair as I am transitioning. I have naturally curly 3b or 3c coarse hair. I bleached it to platinum blonde at the beginning of the year and it took all of my curls out. My hair now is at the longest 2 inches on top and maybe an inch in the back and sides. I have very little damaged hair left and I would love to have a twa. So, my question is: if I get all the damage cut off, will my curls come back? Because right now, I'm not sure if it's because of the damage or because it is so short but it's not really curling up. It's just looking really poofy at the roots and very spiky at the ends (not pretty!) So, should I go ahead and get the damages cut off? I'm just afraid of how short it will be.
- hi
yes, the damage goes away when you cut it off. however, after that, you need to dc so that your hair gets all the moisture and or protein to make your hair even better !

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