Why are you transitioning?

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I have been getting my hair relaxed since I was 5 years old. My mom would do all my relaxers. One day I told my mother If something ever happens to you I will go natural. Because I would trust no one with my hair but her. Well on May 14th my mother died. And the last perm she gave me was April 2. This is when my natural journey began.

Ironically enough my 12 year old daughter is natural. I was so about to put a perm in her hair. All my creme crack sisters were encouraging me to. But I resisted. Now I'm happy I didn't. We can be on this journey together. Finding out the truth about our hair. Learning and exploring our hair.
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God knows just what we need, huh?? I'm glad for the both of you tho. Particularly your baby. She won't have to learn the hard way now...

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Everytime i get a relaxer my hair is either under/over processed or it gets to mbl and they cut it to should length again..I hate scissor happy stylist. So i decide hey let me see what God bless with me under this straight thin mess maybe i might like it.. Im almost 10 months post going for 2 yrs transitioning...
I went natural because I was tired of the heat damage to my hair, and paying top dollar for weaves. I wanted to wear my curls out and I am so glad that more and more beautiful women are deciding to join the movement. And yes you are right who said our hair was "bad"? Our natural hair is and always be beautiful.
Hey there! I am transitioning because I'm ready to embrace my hair without chemicals. I workout daily, and I used to dread it or even stop for about a week when I got relaxers. Total killjoy haha. Also, I've been getting relaxers since I was FOUR years old...I am 21 now (thanks mom!) Lol. Relaxed hair is all I really knew! I actually used to wear my hair curly WHILE I had a relaxer! Here is a photo below (I'm on the right)

I actually started on accident. I just kept procrastinating getting my touch up because I was on a roll with working out and losing weight. I'm almost five months out and I'm loving this journey. I think the hardest part is actually trying not to become a Product Junkie, lol I want to try everything!

But so far I have had kinky twists and next week I am getting flat twists!

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This is totally me! I workout almost everyday but it was so annoying trying to work out after getting my hair relaxed. It was pretty much a waste of a treatment.
When I use to get my hair relaxed it would be super manageable. But as I got older it got dry and brittle and would just never grow because it would break off. I've been meaning to transition for a while but I never had the confidence. My boyfriend now is very supportive of me exploring my natural locks so I'm rather excited. I'm just scared though, I hate the afro look, so I'm hoping for curls.

Fingers Crossed!!
I just simply thought that natural hair was beautiful.

What stopped me from going natural for so long was the fact that I was scared I wouldn't know how to care for it. I did a program called AmeriCorps NCCC were I was away from my hair stylist for a year and was basically forced into transitioning. I would gradually feel my new growth and I became obsessed with it. I ended up relaxing once I was done with NCCC and I was a bit upset with myself. Immediately after that, I decided to restart my transitioning phase and I've been transitioning for about 20 months so far

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TRANSITIONED: Since Dec 23, 2010 (I think...)
BC DATE: July 23, 2013 (about 31 months)

7/23/13 :: SL
1/9/14 :: CBL
5/13/14 :: APL

I Shea Moisture, Nubian Heritage, Camille Rose!

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As most, life just started coming too fast and my relaxed hair just wasnt keeping up! About 10 months ago was my last relaxer (12/2011), I straightened and roller set for a while before the new growth took over. Right now I have a little over 2 inches remaining in my transition. Over all its been a decision I STILL debate with myself about, but I dont regret the road I took. My daughter is 7, the age I was when my mom first relaxed my hair. She has GORGEOUS shoulder length curls (I'm talking beautiful, naturally hydrated bounce) and I would hate her to tame that with man-made chemicals, (that the media will confirm is contributing to our early demise). To look in the mirror and truely EMBRACE yourself, as is, is true love!

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I just felt it took me too much time to flat iron my hair too last for a couple of days, and I realize how much heat damage my hair was getting. Also the smell of burnt hair was no pleasant. It was difficult at the beginning, but I learned to deal with it after trying a lot of tech. Now I love my curls.

Learning to love my curls ❤

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