How Many Months Post Are You and When Do You Plan on BCing?

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I'm one month post and I want to transition for one year and BC this coming April. That would be the ideal scenario, but I at least want to hold out on BCing til January. That will make me 9 months post.
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I am not growing out a relaxer/texturizer. I am however growing out colour that has changed my hair. I am 5 months post, and plan to cut my coloured ends once I have 6" of virgin hair. I have no idea when that is.
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I'm growing out my relaxer I'm 3 1/2 months post. I'll be 4 months in June. I'm transitioning because I grew tired of relaxers damaging my hair. I plan on BC'ing at the end of the summer or in the fall of this year.
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6 months post relaxer. I will be 7 months post September 17 !!
I am 11 months post relaxer and anxiously awaiting my one year mark so I can BC!
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I am 11 months post relaxer and anxiously awaiting my one year mark so I can BC!
Originally Posted by jayelle
So close! Congrats! Let us know how it goes
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I'm 14 months post relaxer hoping to BC in November. The initial challenge was to get to the 1 year mark and depending how I felt then reach at least 15months of my transition. I feel confident now that I've stretched my challenge to Nov. That way I have new hair for Christmas and my 20th birthday
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Im 3.5 months post and plan to transition for anywhere from 12-18 months. Im kind of thinking my birthday in May of next year. That would be 15 months...right in the middle
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I am 7 months post and I don't know when I plan to bc. I really just want a change and grow my hair more healthier.

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Idk when I want to bc, but I'm 5 months post

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I'm 14 months post and I plan to BC next march when I'm 24 months!!

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