i did my BC...now what?

so this morning me and my bf got the scissors and I BC'd...I'm kind of on the fence on it. I'm loving the feeling of being 100% natural but now I have no idea what to do with my hair! I have about 1 inch of hair and I don't think I can do a twistout, I think it's too short for that. After taking a nap it looks kind of...flat and uneven and i have no idea how to make it look even. i don't really see much of a curl pattern so it's kind of...disappointing too. I'm overwhelmed
When I did the BC, my hair was too short to do anything too. What I did was wash it every two weeks, and when it got flat, I just put some curl activator on it and picked it. Make sure your scalp stays moisturized. Rosemary and lavender oil, or even tea tree oil. Experiment and see what works best. After about 5-6 months, I stopped using the curl activator and had my hair blown out. I was at Afro status. Then I started platting my hair every night. I don't know if you want an Afro, and I don't know how fast your hair grows, but my advice is to keep it moisturized and just pic it when it gets flat until it gets to a point where you can do more with it. Hope this helps =)

Hair type: 4b/4c
Last perm: February 2011
Big Chop: October 2011
Reason for Transition: 1. perm chemicals are my hair's arch nemesis 2. desire to restore health and growth
Congratulations, GeorgiaPeach! How exciting!
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You are beautiful!

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