Carol's Daughter and/or WEN

Have any of you ladies you these products? Are they good? I'm looking for something all natural and actually works
I used wen. I loved it but my mom just doesn't re buy it for me anymore. My hair was super super soft and detangled automatically.
So funny you should ask! I just retried Wen for the first time last week. I say retried because I tried the Sweet Almond Mint several years ago and hated it! But last week I tried the Six Thirteen and OMG....yeah it's all of that and then some. Truly a transitioner's dream. I hate to form an opinion on a product so quickly, since usually products need at least 3 to 4 weeks to form a lasting opinion for me. But I've used this twice already, and the second time was 10 times better than the first. The claim is that the results get progressively better, and I am a believer. My hair looked so much shinier and richer in color, some of the frizzy parts actually turned to curls, and detangling was a breeze. Detangling with my super fine hair is never a breeze. This has a lot of herbs and amino acids. It supposed to increase circulation and aid in hair growth; and it really tingles at first, so I hope it's doing the job.

I've tried a few Carol's Daughter products. The Monoi line didn't work for me; made my hair hard. The Olive Oil Infusion was really good. Transitioners use this as a pre-shampoo treatment and it really helps with the tangles, though it has an extremely strong smell and really tingles the scalp, so be prepared if you try it. The Macadamia Edge Control pomade (not sure of the correct name) is really good too. I don't need the Olive Oil Infusion while using Wen, though.

If you can, definitely try the Wen 613. QVC has the best price and a 30-day money back guarantee.

I'm Natural Now!!!!

Jamila Henna Lover
OMG I think I'm sold on WEN. Only thing I use for Carols Daughter is the leave in conditioner spray. It's ok. Is WEN all natural?
Geez! Never knew how expensive it really is. All I want is the conditioner.
Have Patience

OMG I think I'm sold on WEN. Only thing I use for Carols Daughter is the leave in conditioner spray. It's ok. Is WEN all natural?
Originally Posted by Kay_dubb
It's not 100% natural but it does contain a lot of natural extracts and amino acids. It also contains amodimethicone way down on the list. I've always been cone-sensitive, but so far so good with this. No breakage or hair fall at all.
I'm Natural Now!!!!

Jamila Henna Lover
Oh, well I've heard a few bad reviews about WEN as well so I think I'm going to stick with my homemade products and continue to cowash with my Olive oil Conditioner. It seems to work well for me. Thanks ladies
Have Patience

I loved it when I used to wear my hair smooth, but now that I wear it naturally wavy/curly I don't love it as much. I did some research and found out that it contains a lot of silicon which is why my natural waves don't spring into curls when I use Wen. You also go through product very fast and it's kind of expensive.

I have switched over to the Deva Curl line and my wavy curls are much more defined. I also really like the 'As I Am CoWash Conditioner"
Wen made my hair super soft, and easy to detangle, it was like butter. I also love that wen is a leave in conditioner
I tried WEN and hated it. It turned my hair into a brillo pad. I couldn't do anything with my hair after that. My ponytail was so puffy and thick I. The roots. I onky tried it once and sent it back.

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