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Hey Everyone,

I transitioned for 18 months and big chopped in May 2012. I couldn't be happier with my hair. I absolutely love it!

Check out my journey

My Hair Journey: Transitioning to Natural - YouTube
Congrats! I'm 16 months post tomorrow and hope to big chip at the 18th month mark as well. gonna check out your hair journey video now.

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Aw your transitioning hair makes you resemble Elle Varner in some pics. Saw your Big Chop files your hair is such a cute fun length. Congrats again xo

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My last perm was on April 2. So I have only been transitioning for 3 months. I plan to do my bc in September. I totally want to experience short hair. Short curls.
Congratulations on the big chop! I am coming up on 1 year in a couple months. I have always said that I would go 2 years max, but I am already getting the itch to just cut off the relaxed ends.
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Congrats! I seen you on CurlyNikki. I was drooling over your hair 😜. 18 months is a long time! I'm trying to make it to 6 without BC'ing. I'm planning to at 8 months or go a full year
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6 months post relaxer. I will be 7 months post September 17 !!

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