Help with transitioning

I have started transitioning in january of this year and I currently have senegalese twists in my hair(box braids but twist) I have no idea how to wash my hair with them in I would appreciate help. Also does anyone have any good little to no heat styles for when I remove them my hair is a little below shoulder lenth and it looks like I have 3c on my edges and even 3b at my nape and 4a and some 3c all through my hair. Finally could u give me an easy way to detangle hair without a lot of breakage nd good oils nd moisturizers for my hair thanks in advance
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Hey there!

No heat styles for when you take the braids out: twist outs or braid outs. (I think I suggested this on your other thread ) I love twist outs lol.

Detangling: The easiest way for me to detangle is to saturate my hair with conditioner and then detangle in sections.

Oils: I'm not a huge oil user but many women swear by coconut and olive oil.

Hope this helps!


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