Just starting CGM q's

Actually I just have 1 question. I have read the Curl Girl Handbook & Lorraine Massey says to just throw out shampoos and start with the CGM right away (from what I understood) but a lot of people recommend using a sulfate shampoo one last time & then starting. Is this really necessary? I had been using Wen for almost a year & it does contain silicone.

Thanks for your help!

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The sulfate shampoo is to remove silicone buildup from the hair. I've known several people who skipped this step and got very mixed (and sometimes very wonky) results. You should also make sure the shampoo is silicone-free. If you do skip this step, the silicone will still eventually wear off on its own, but you might have a few more bad hair days in the interim. If the only silicone product you've been using is Wen, then it shouldn't be too bad. While amodimethicone does coat the hair and require a good cleanser to remove, it doesn't build up in the same way that most other cones do- after it forms one layer it repels itself to prevent additional layers. You could also look for a low-poo (sulfate-free shampoo) with coco-betaine, which would also work.

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Thanks so much! I'm thinking I will go ahead & shampoo one last time. I've only cleansed my hair twice the CG way so I'm not too far in to restart.

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I used the V05 moisturising shampoo first,then did a deep treatment with the shea moisture mask, then put the moisture milk conditioner on as if I was pre-pooing, then started from there. I think you will be fine if you start with clean hair. It has only been a week since I started.

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