Did I ruin my natural hair?

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I am a teenager and I have always had natural hair until I started getting into relaxers, hair cuts, hair dyes, and flat irons. I just did my BC last month and my hair grows out fast so now i have a mini cute fro! Heres the problem..... When my mom (natural all her life) did my BC it was all good until my hair started getting super duper dry and the top of my hair is wavy loose curls while the rest was coily tight curls that looked nasty dry btw and I dont know why cause I have a great grade of hair but anywhoo, we decided to put a texturizer in my head to loosen up the coily little curls and kinda tighten my loose curls up. We used an African Pride texturizer and literally left it on their for 5 minutes. My loose wavy hair turned super wavy and curly only at the roots. The rest of my head loosend up alittle bit but some of the curls kinda turned wavy. I feel horrible because my hair is still dry ( but not my roots), my hair is now curling up when it wants too but it still won't curl back the way it was before, and i kinda look like a hot mess but not really. Is it impossible to get my hair to curl back up tightley or am I totally finished because my hair is still short. What can I do to make basically all of my hair curl tighter again?

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I'm afraid you might just have to wait until your hair grows out from the texturizer. It is possible that the texturizer has permanently changed your curl pattern (though it's rather rare), but regardless, you'll probably just have to wait it out to see what your hair has become (if it's even changed).

But please, please, don't forget to take care of your texturized hair. Moisturize it, treat it kindly (don't overtax it in products and styling), etc. Such treatment helps make a better transition.
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I actually had your same problem. The top of my natural hair was wavy while the back was tightly coiled. My hair was this way because I damaged it on accident by excessive use of flat irons. So I'm never using flat irons again or blow dryers. I'm terrified of any type of heat now. But how I fixed it was doing a beer rinse. The acid in beer restores the curl pattern on natural hair. I did it about 3 times and it worked great. I also trimmed my ends. However in your case though because of the texturizer, I'm not sure if a beer rinse or anything can restore the curl pattern because of the chemicals that were put into your hair. I think your best bet may be to grow out the texturizer. I know its not fun to start from scratch, but health while always be more important than length. And with healthy hair, the length will come. =)
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