Starting transitioning

Hi, I am a brazilian multiracial woman and I've just started my transition. I've been straighting my hair for 6 months and it was 3a type.
I know I have to be patient... But I'm afraid.
Anyone has some tip to give me?
Congrats and good wishes on your journey :') I am supposed to have 3b hair but characteristically I feel like I'm more 4a. The thing that has helped me the most was not paying attention to my hair type but my hair porosity and strand size. Secondly, when you transition, you will want to try and buy all of the 'natural' hair products. RESIST THESE URGES!!!!!!!!!!! As a freshman in college i spent alot of money on things i didnt need just so i could have these products and ended up with SEVERE buyers remorse. Also, if you dont already, try to use shampoos that are for dry or damaged hair so both hair types can benefit. I hope this helps :'}
Thanks Amethist! I'm sure tour tipd will help me!

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