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neshay123 12-10-2012 09:52 PM

Just started Transioning. I've got questions about styling
As the title said I JUST started to transition. My last relaxer was about 8 weeks ago and so I have less than an inch of new growth. My relaxed hairis about medium length and doesn't touch my shoulders at all. I need a way to style my hair because most of my hair is still relaxed. I'm trying to stay away from heat so what can I do to help?

CuteKinks 12-16-2012 10:01 AM

If you want to stay away from heat all together maybe try braid outs, twist outs or flexi-rods. When I transitioned I would also do roller sets, which required sitting under a hooded dryer.


reednaturally22 12-24-2012 02:54 PM

I transitioned for about 15 months and my best friend for 12 months of that was the braid out! Needless to say by the time I was completely natural I had perfected it :) rod sets are good too! My hair wouldn't hold a twist to well because of my relaxed hair. GL!

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