I need help big time

I've been transitioning for 10 months now and i still have no clue what to do. I have tried everything and my hair is still dry, always tangled, brittle and frizzy. The only thing i know how to do is bantu knots, but i can't do it to often because i have to have my hair in a ponytail for my job. I even have a hard time putting it in a ponytail.
As far as products i've tried: olive oil, shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie, organix coconut milk, olive styling gel, olive oil sulfate free shampoo. Recently i've starting using tresemme products, they help detangle my hair when its wet but once my hair is dry it tangles up again. I just have not clue what i am doing, somedays i just want to chop it all off and start all over.
Sounds like you have a Moisture problem.You need to do a deep treatment (no protein), and when you apply your moisturizer you need to apply a sealant over it too. Sealant for example can be natural Shea butter that you may see at the chinese Beauty Supply stores. It could be that you have too much protein in your hair which is making it dry. Also, you use tresemme which is usually not good for 4 type hair, and you need something that is creme based.Now using it for a detangler is fine but tresemme can cause major flakes and dryness. hope I helped a little bit?

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