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hi all! So basically I'd like to get a few opinions on whether I should try cowashing. I've been tranisitoning for 3 months now and my hair is constantly dry. I'v tried the Shea Moisture Moisture Retention Shampoo and it did absolutely nothing for me alongside the deep masque conditioner (yet they're suppose to be for transitioners) so I read up on cowashing and people speak of how well it moisturizes their hair.

Do any of you guys cowash? and if so with what conditioner? and how often?
Not transitioning but I do cowash and think highly of it. My hair made was transformed after I took the plunge and cut back on traditional sulfate shampoos. My guess is you have nothing to lose, so why not give it a try?

One recommendation if you go for it: I'd do one last sulfate shampoo just to take care of any product build-up you may have. If you want to start using a cheap but moisturizing conditioner, one that's popular (I use it too), is Suave Naturals Coconut. You still may need to use a sulfate shampoo once in a while - again, to prevent buildup from conditioner and whatever stylers you use on a regular basis.

Another consideration is frequency of washing and co-washing. You can experiment with washing and even cowashing your hair less, to see if the condition of your hair is further improved. Good luck

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co-sign everything Korkscrew said! *high five*

I transitioned for about a year and shampooing my hair was just too harsh. I know that NOW, but back then I didn't know any better.

Ideally co-washing conditioners should have no silicones, because the only thing that can remove silicones are those harsh sulfate shampoos that our hair tends to hate. Tresemme Naturals is amazinngggggg for my hair. Read the reviews >> Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner -

It's cheap, it comes in a massive size and you can find it at regular supermarkets. A lot of people also use VO-5, but for my hair it's way too light.

As far as how often: It really depends on your hair. You've been transitioning for 3 months, but do you have really long relaxed hair? Or is it cut short? Do you wear it out or in braids etc? do you flat iron to make everything straight? or just do twist outs to make everything curly? The answer to these questions will determine what's practical. I'd suggest maybe twice a week as a starting point.

hope that helps! keep us updated and good luck
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Thanks for the high five Evelyn ... And ... Welcome! I see you're our new Chief! Thanks for all your help with

(Sorry for derailing the thread.)

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