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AngelKate18 12-27-2012 09:38 PM

Straightening After Heat Damage....
Hi it's Katie!

So for Christmas, I got this straightener that boasts extra smoothness and silkiness and also says it protects against heat damage. It was from my aunt who didn't know I had heat damage already. (I'm glad it wasn't so obvious) Well I know I shouldn't flat iron for a while but I don't want it to go to waste....and I was just wondering if it would be safe to straighten with a lot of protectant? And I mean A LOT?

atx_eve 12-31-2012 12:01 PM

hmmm a heat tool that "protects" against heat sounds like an advertising lie to me lol that makes zero sense hahah.

You know your hair best -- no one can give you a guarantee that your hair won't get anymore heat damage. Like you said, just use a lot of heat protectant (but not too much especially if it's liquid because then you'll just sizzle your hair off!)

In my opinion you have to weigh the pros and cons: a gift not being used right away or damaging your hair more. Sometimes my hair surprises me -- times I thought it would be damaged, it did just fine!

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