To Straighten or not to straighten

Hiiii everyone! First time posting so work with me here.

My last relaxer was in July 2011. I've been wearing crochet braids since then as my transitioning style (I absolutely love it!) and I cut off all my permed ends in August 2012. I've been contemplating if I'm really ready to start working with my natural hair as opposed to wearing these crochets and I think I'm ready to give it a go. BUT here is my dilemma. I want to straighten it just to see what it looks like. I haven't had straight hair in so long and I'm some one who never missed a hair appointment with the dominicanas for a wash and blow. I loved it silky straight and now I'm just yearning to see if I can still achieve that silkiness with my natural hair. ...

Should I or should I not let them straighten it? It would only be this one time!!
Could this one time ruin my natural hair before I get to know it? Any suggestions for a way to safely straighten it (if that exists).
I totally understand wanting to see your hair straight, especially with it being in protective styling for quite some time. First off yes fortunately there are some safe ways to straighten hair! However it takes quite some preparation to ensure that your hair will stay healthy and return back to its natural state once it has been flat ironed. One thing that is essential for safely straightening curly hair is HEAT PROTECTANT! And if you are going to be letting someone else do your hair, make sure that either they or you apply some form of a heat protectant throughout all of your hair. Another thing to be mindful of it that hair burns at approx. 450 degrees Fahrenheit so you may want to request them straightening it at a medium heat rather than a high heat, especially since you aren't to familiar with your natural hair and for your first time you'd be safe rather than sorry. I hoped this helped!
I agree with the last post- wonderful advice.

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