New Year, New Hair

I have finally decided to stop putting relaxers in my hair and to go natural. As of right now I have very little NHG (new hair growth) but I was wondering what are some ways I could make my hair grow stronger / faster without damage?

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Hi JentearaJenay Welcome to CurlTalk and congrats on deciding to go natural! It's actually a big myth that any one product can make your hair grow faster. Hair grows an average of 1/2 inch per month. Take a look at an infographic about hair growth for more info >> Curly Hair Growth Chart

When we talk about "faster" hair growth, we're really talking about RETAINING the hair that we grow. Meaning preventing breakage, etc. So it appears like our hair is growing faster, when really it's just breaking LESS. Does that make sense?

That infographic has great tips on how to ensure your hair doesn't get damaged. Handle with care, comb only when wet/slathered with slippery conditioner, etc.

You're going to have to learn how to care for the two different textures of hair, because what relaxed hair needs is often NOT what natural/textured hair needs.

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