I mini chopped

I cut 3 different sections of my hair,plus my edges are HERE....
the frontI mini chopped-st.-cloud-20130109-01141.jpg
the middle I mini chopped-st.-cloud-20130109-01138.jpg
the backI mini chopped-st.-cloud-20130109-01136.jpg
my edgesI mini chopped-img-20130109-01119.jpg
i was curious on how my hair looks natural. And i must say i love it. But i am not sure of my hair texture. What are they?????
Hard to know, especially when all the pics are of wet hair w/the last one being w/your hair stretched back. Any pics of your hair when dry? Also, do you have pics of your whole head of dry hair? I think that could help. One more thing: are you growing out a relaxer or frequently pressed hair?

Sometimes it's hard to know what curl type/s you have until the hair has grown out a bit more and/or has had all processed hair cut out entirely. Folks here will wisely tell you that curl size is but one type of hair property. Finding out other hair properties could help even more when it comes to good hair care. For example, you might want to search this site for articles about porosity, elasticity and texture.

Here's to your curly future! May you enjoy your "new" natural hair

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