Soooo this is my third attempt at transitioning. In the mix i had two beatiful babies! Plus i live in San Antonio. Long story short...i have a relaxed pixie cut so what is the best way to transition bc with the short cut i dnt see why i would do the BC.

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With little ones and a busy schedule you may try braids while your hair grows so you don't have to worry about your hair from day to day.
Thanks. That was my thought to. Usually get micros or senegalese once a year. Do you think those are good or should i try another style?

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I wouldn't do the micros they may be too tight. Senegalese or box braids would be good

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Ok thanks!

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there's this new style/trend call Havana twists and I reeeeally want to try them! You could look into it! they're so cute! Finger Comber — Havanna Hair (All Color Options) Social Media + Community Manager | | Happy To Be Nappy | Kenyan With The Slowest Mile Time | Magical Black Girl
Um yeah!!!! Gorgeous! I will have to ask my braider if she can do those once my hair gets longer

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