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zem2012 01-31-2013 07:05 PM

A new ME!!!
I have not had a relaxer since some time in Dec. I decided that I would go all natural on the spur of the moment...well not really! I have a 10mos old daughter who has beautiful hair due to her being mixed w/ African American and Hispanic...I don't want her to grow up and start putting these damaging chemicals in her hair. I want to set an example for her, with that being said...

I have no clue what my natural hair will look like since I have been getting a relaxer since I was about 10 or 11. I had a jheri curl before then and it transitioned into my natural hair and then it was immediately relaxed. I often think that it's going to be so hideous I'm going to regret my decision. HOW COULD I REGRET THIS?!

I met a girl the other day at work that said her transition took her two years b/c she put a relaxer in after a year and then chopped off the rest of her relaxed edges when she got to the length she was happy with...I do not want to cut my hair...

With all of this being there a way to change your texture? to make it better? I'm willing to accept whatever comes my way but I'm just curious...guess you can say I'm VERY nervous!

tia for any advice and suggestions you curly girls have for me!

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