Easy to detangle, even after days later? HELP!!!

What products or methods do you guys use to detangle your hair easily, especially if your a 2 months transitioner?
My roots are starting to get thick and curly, and I have been maintaining it really well. But I'm only asking this because I'm going to get my hair put in cornrows in the next couple of weeks, and the hair salonist always says.

"Can you comb your hair next time? I can't sit here and comb it for you.."

But the problem is I do, it's just my darn roots. It tangles up after a certain amount of days....and I don't want to wash my hair a day before I get my cornrows because it will make my scalp burn and itch.
Also she uses a thin comb, which is horrible....

I would appreciate it if you gave me some tips or products I can pick up just about anywhere.
Well im not two months in, but i am transitioning and what I how found that workd REALLY well is Loreal EverCreme Sulfate Free Intense Nourishing Conditioner. What I do is after I wash my hair, I saturate my whole head with the conditioner (probably a little to much lol but you can never over condition fortunately ahaha) and let it sit for about 10 to 15 min and use a wide tooth comb from the bottom to the top. I do this in the shower and make it hot so it can soak in. It SUPER moisturizing and if you live close you can pick it up right at target cause that's what I did. What stores are you close to? I'm sure you can pick it us anywhere. It smell like caramel to me and I love it. I also recommend the CURLS Quenched Curls - Curl Moisturizer/2nd Day Curl Refresher Hope it as an AWESOME detangler, however, i dont belive you can just pick this up. You can order is though heres the link

Quenched Curls - Curl Moisturizer/2nd Day Curl Refresher

Hope this helps let me know.
I've never worn cornrows and I don't know if this is abnormal, but could you go there with your hair already parted in rows? At home, I would part it myself and either flat twist the parts, or tie them with a hairband (like little ponytails) so that the lady doesn't break the hair when trying to part. You could also keep your hair in twists or braids (after washing/detangling) as that would keep them separate yet grouped, and will avoid tangles. Keeping hair in one place reduces tangles because they aren't getting mixed up with other strands.

As for a detangler...it depends on your hair thickness, maybe even porosity. Is your hair thick, fine, medium? The thicker the hair, the less protein it'll need. I like to look at people's hair properties (in their signatures) and see what they use if their hair is similar to mine. It may help make a better purchase.

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