Can you still retain length while transitioning??

I have 4c fine hair and i'm 6 monthes transitioning!

The crown area of my hair seems stunted it has not retained AN INCH since i started it's very frustration!!!
However the back of my hair which was damaged a while back and as a result has lost most of it's length. Is having no trouble retaining length!

Now here are my theories on why

1) Maybe the reason why my hair is retaining more in the back is because 70 percent of the back is natural while the front is Mosley relaxed>

2) The back if my head has not hit it's terminal length while the front kinda has!


1 Shampoo nexus therapy (does not strip my hair of oils)

2 DEEP conditioner Aubrey organics huny suckle rose or kera care conditioner for color treated hair!

3 oils Black castor oil or wild grow

4 organic root stimulator MAYO for protein (this helps reduce breakage)

and YES IM USING PROTECTIVE STYLES -__- AND NO i don't use heat or comb my hair unless it's wash day


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1. Not likely...the reason why you're not retaining length in the front is because it's breaking. Have you seen a lot of breakage from that area?

2. How do you know your terminal length? Terminal length refers to length of the strands from the moment it starts growing to the moment it sheds. That can be a growing phase of 3 years even...suppose your hair grows 6 inches per year (for 3 years), that would put your terminal length at 18 inches if you haven't cut it or broken the hair. Most likely the majority of people haven't seen their hair even reach terminal length.

Your products may not be working for you...the shampoo has a lot of sulfates...have you ever tried something more gentle?

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