Lengthening and Argan oil???

Hi there! I am a newbie, well I cut off all of my hair in June 2012 and have been natural since. I am getting antsy about the grow out process and miss all of my length. I was wondering if anyone has used Argan oil on their hair and what were the results? Also, are there any tips for lengthing the hair naturally, ie products, techniques? Any help would be awesome. I am probably a 4-a or 4-b. thanks.
While transitioning I had really bad breakage and I wasn't retaining length for months. Someone on twitter posted a picture of the Organix line of Argan Oil products and recommended it. I was taking multi Vitamins, using less heat and gel, and started washing with the shampoo/conditioner and the used the mask after. within a month I could tell the difference in how healthy my hair was and the length was finally being retained. I think the argan oil played a part, but also the fact that I was taking care of my hair and my body. Not everything works for everyone so id say give it a try and if you don't see results try something else.
My hair is 3c/4a mix and I use cream of nature argan oil and it is wonderful ;'} I get it from mu bss but it can be found about anywhere. As for length vitamins such as hair and nails vits are good. As are protective styles bc they help you retain length

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Pura d'or Body, Hair, and skin treatment contains keratin and Moroccan Argan oil, which is now very well accepted in treating a lot of hair problem. Argan oil also kind to both hair and scalp, and I immediately noticed an improvement in the texture of my hair....
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I think everybody sees it different but in my opinion I don't think that Argan Oil helps to lengthen your hair. I use Argan Oil regularly but it helps to keep my hair healthy and looking good.

As for lengthening your hair, I think besides using products, you will need a lot of patient and this may sounds extremely lame but drinking water helps (2ltrs a day)

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