In Need of a Transitioning Buddy

I just cut my hair about a couple weeks ago and I'm in the process of going all natural. I'm extremely excited even though it's a difficult, time-consuming process. I was reading an article today and it was about how much better it is to be transitioning with a partner. I don't know of anyone to do so with so I've come on here in search of someone. I'm 15 with type 4a hair and I'm looking for someone about my age and with similar hair. We could send pictures of our hair, recommend products, and exchange numbers and really support each other with this. Comment if interested? Thanks. (:
Well i don't have similar hair (mine is 3b) and I'm at a different point in transitioning. But if you wanted encouragement from my process or suggestions I'd be glad to talk anytime and go through your journey with you!!

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I'd love your encouragement. (: I actually found out today my hair is more long the lines of 3c/4a. But, maybe we could exchange Facebook or Twitter or something and go from there?
Im 14, and my hair is currently in braids but im in need of a partner also. Family doesn't really know how it feels to go through transitioning !
I'd love to transition with you. Why don't you message me your Facebook or Twitter or whatever you have? (:
I actually would like a transitioning buddy too. I just decided to transition not to long ago so I don't really know what hair type I have but I would love to swap products, tips, and hairstyles with you.
I'd love to do all that. Message me your number or Twitter, Facebook or any social network I can reach you at? (:
That's a good idea ..

Im 15 but with 3A/B hair, transitioning too from heat damage though... It's been a good 8/9 months and my results are not that great tbh but yea
Im 15 with 4a/4b hair and I currently have a sew-in

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I need one too. I have type 3c & high & low porosity. Any styling tips & product suggestions will be welcome.
I know im late but is anyone still looking for a transition buddy? This is my second time transitioning and this time its from a texturizer instead of a relaxer like the first time so my hair still curls up. My actual natural hair is 3c with a lil bit of 4a in some spots. Im two months in, my last textlax was at the beginning of april.

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