Newbie ! Any takers on my Journey ??

I have decided to go natural!! I am 1 month post relaxer . i would like to know some great moisturizing conditioners u ladies have use and adored so I can check them out and what brand of Shea butter do you use ?? If any newbie transitioners would like a partner for encouragement , comparing techniques, conversing on products I'm your girl ! I am 19 by the way .

YouTube channel : .... I have yet to post but I will soon
Facebook : if u r interested I will message you back
Ausie moist but its not natural and L'oreal evercreme

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Thanks for the info @Taele ill be sure to check it out !
I used ths L'oreal over night with coconut oil and my hair was sooooo soft if you want to try it. Its a deep treatment

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Technically I've been transitioning for about a year, but I've only started acknowledging that that's what I'm doing in the past few weeks.
I have really dry hair so all of my conditioners emphasize moisture.

I'm CG. And currently I'm using:
VO5 Tea Therapy Vanilla Mint Tea Clarifying Conditioner
Suave Naturals Ocean Breeze Conditioner
Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner

I have a few other Shea Moisture products and I'm trying to figure out which combos work best for my hair. Adding too much of the SM products weigh my hair down just a little.
The SheaMoisture line is the and use oils, I really like coconut oils.
@ Taele :sounds great! I already have coconut oil I would just need to get Loreal im excited to try Thanks ! Also what is your hair type?

@ Marie blue : moisture is the key to healthy hair I will check out these product as well just wondering what is your hair type ?!
@Imani thank U ! I've been debated what Shea butter to use I have heard a lot about oyin handmade . Have u ever used theirs ?
My hair properties are, I think:
High density
High porosity
Medium texture
Normal elasticity

Curl type:
3c, I think

My hair is still in the beginning stages of returning to a healthy state, so Idk how much any of this will change.
To be honest im not even sure lol i just do what i feel my hair likes if it makes it soft and keep it moist i stick to it and im only 5 months into my transition

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@ Taele and Marie . Basically I have to find what works for me lol .Thank thank you for all words of encouragement .i will keep all of these in mind

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