Considering chopping off the bottom half?

I'm hoping for a little advice :P I'm a mixed chick, and it seems like the top half of my hair is a tight, poofy 3c while the bottom half is a long, stringy 3b. I love long hair and I've been getting complements about the growth ever since I got a keratin treatment (considering one? GET ONE!), but I feel like there needs something done to it because of the poofy top and stringy bottom. It's hard to get a "compromise" or whatever you wanna call it between the two layers so that it doesn't look ridiculous. Any suggestions? I don't want to cut off the bottom layer, because then my hair would barely touch my shoulders. Is there a way to tell my stylist to like, thin out the top portion of my head? The poof goes from my crown to my shoulders, and the rest goes to about the middle of my back.
Braid outs are a life saver and I am also a mixed chick.

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