Perm to natural!!

i have finally decided to take the next big step in life, transitioning for perm to natural hair. The last time I had a perm was Jan (2013), I know its pretty recent. Now that I have decided to go natural I need as much hep as I can get. I do not want to cut my hair and start all over; I was just thinking about letting the perm hair grow out. Can anyone tell me what shampoos or conditioners I should use and also what steps I should take to transition easily. Thanks for the help ladies!
The transition isn't going to be a walk in the park and you have to realize that now. YOu can't just slack off or anything, you have to be 100% dedicated. Get rid of your combs that aren't wide toothed so you want just grab the comb to detangle with. Do your research on products because what might work for me might not work for you. BE patient too because it will get hard, and don't give up. OH and this will help you latter on when you are natural, when you wash your hair divide it into four different sections this will help with getting moisture in all parts of the hair and detangling. Hope this helped.
Priceless advise. I'm learning about sectioning off my hair as well. Also don't be a product junkie. It will be hard not to do that, but it will be easier to find out what your hair likes if you use one product at a time.

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