what good inexpensive products to use

For the past 2-3 years I did both a mild relaxer and keratin treatment on my hair. I did the treatments and cut my hair once a year. I really want to grow my hair longer and also see if I can embrace my natural hair because it is becoming quite costly. My hair is very thick, frizzy, dry, type 3A curls, i am Hispanic if that helps. I also used a lot of heat in my hair because I dont want my hair to look like a giant mess. My routine is wash, product, air dry, then the next day straighten. I do this once a week and i haven't been straightening my hair all that much lately. Now that you have some background, here's my question:

Should i use a Keratin shampoo and conditioner even though i will no longer do the treatments? I was thinking of maybe the Organix keratine shampoo & conditioner and I also was thinking their moracan argon oil shampoo conditioner. or maybe even the Joico products

Also my hair breaks A LOT, and when i brush it i loose my curls and it looks like a poofy lions mane. Could my hair be uncontrollable if its not strong?

Please let me know what you guys think, if you need to know the products i use I will gladly list them. I really want suggestions on Shampoos and conditioners, hopefully ones that are not too pricey. Thank You!
Do you still straighten it? Because that might be the reason that you have so much breakage. I never brush my hair, if I want to detangle it, I use my fingers or wide tooth comb because a brush will just make it frizzy.

I use the Organix Morrocan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, also the mask and I'm very satisfied with it.

About the Keratine one, I would not use that very often though, maybe once in a while when you do straighten your hair.

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