I think I'm in love with the products I bought last night, but not so sure my hair likes it. My hair feels AMAZING & my ends aren't fuzzy. Not greasy or weighed down. My ends are rather smooth given that some are split (the reason they're fuzzy). Is this a good thing & progress for my hair?
Well, in my non-expert opinion it sounds like a good sign. Your hair seems to have reacted well to whatever products you decided to use on it, and it reacted quickly. The clincher is whether or not this was one of those good hair day gems that come around every once in a blue moon (but seriously though). Repeat the process you used for a couple of weeks and see if you have the same results. If not, experiment a bit by using more or less of the products, taking some out, etc. From what I've read, experimentation is key in discovering what is good for the individual. Everyone is different after all - you could just be one of the lucky ones who gets a quick fix ticket!

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