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So I transitioned about 2 years ago without proper knowledge or hair care information and I am not exactly sure what I should do. I know that you aren't supposed to use Silicon and Sulfate products in your hair so I am not sure what I should and how my routine should go. Also I am very afraid of trying natural styles so I have been washing, setting, and deep conditioning to keep it straight. My hair has different textures, the front and sides are wavy curly but the middle is extremely curly and always frizzy. Can someone help me with what I should use in my hair, how to have natural style with longer than shoulder length hair and how to hold it, and the routine I should use ( i hear people talking about sealing and stuff, whats that?)
I have the same problem. But not the same texture. Do a porosity test on your hair. Find a strand of you hair & put it in a sink of water. If your hair floats, your hair is healthy. Downside: your hair soaks in a lot of product. As a result, you need products that will give you what you need. Seriously, do like I did & find a stylist who can help you find out what your hair needs. This will keep you from buying a whole bunch of products that don't work for your hair & save you money in the long run.

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