Show me that hair of yours! What style today?

I'll start... Wavy look today.

Show me that hair of yours! What style today?-imageuploadedbycurltalk1369164489.942362.jpg
I'm still working on getting good second day hair. #workinprogress
Thanks. And you will accomplish it. I think 3 days is ping to be where I draw the line my hair starts to get dry. Time to wash.
Lol I restyle nightly. If not, I'll look a HOT mess in the morning.
I LOVE the Shea moisture curl enhancing stylers. My holy grail products.
I never used Shea Moisture products they are a bit pricey may e when I run out of what I have
So my hair is actually texturized. I texturized it in september when I was about two years natural and I just decided a few days ago to transition again. My last texturizer was at the end of april so I have about an inch of new growth. Anyway, this is my hair today,

Did a braid out
Show me that hair of yours! What style today?-uploadfromtaptalk1370458509318.jpg

Then after a few minutes in the hot Texas sun it puffed up. But I was in the sun to buy some of that as i am coconut cowash that ive heard good things about so i washed my hair with it and used sauve naturals conditioner afterwards and washed 90% out. Then i put the cantu shea butter leave in throughout my hair and some ecostyler on my edges slicked back into a simple ponytail.

Show me that hair of yours! What style today?-uploadfromtaptalk1370458775901.jpgShow me that hair of yours! What style today?-uploadfromtaptalk1370458807464.jpg

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Kbenoit I live in Dallas TX & I know about TX heat. These are the products that help me combat the heat. Shea moisture curl enhancing milk or smoothie & the hold/ shine spray. I use the milk as my sealer or you can use the smoothie. Then finish with the spray. On moist hair. If I'm doing a wash & go this is what I do: cowash/detangle, leave in spray(Jane carter), spray oil, then the milk or smoothie(your choice) on the ends, then Jane carter curling cream, finish with the hold & shine spray. This routine has lasted now 2 days. I did this yesterday. All of these products will rinse right out no build up.
Does the ecostyler gel have alcohol in it?
Thanks for the tips curlicious : ) When I walked to walgreens (when my hair puffed up) i was eyeing down the shea moisture products bc ive heard great things about them too. I will get some eventually but i definitely cannot get the jane carter bc they are too expensive. And the ecostyler says alcohol free. What type of gel do you use?

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I can't use gel because it dries my hair. But the only things I use from jc is the curl cream & the leave in.
I have the Softee gel. It doesn't have alcohol in it, but it dried my hair. I think it's the glycerin. I hear glycerin will do that. I'm gonna follow the instructions on the bottle & try again. The humidity in the summer in TX is crazy. I will need a gel soon.
I have the softee gel also but i prefer the ecostyler bc it washes out easier

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