blow drying

hey guys so im really new to this and i have no idea if im supposed to post here, but i had a few questions.

I used to straighten my hair everyday, but i stopped doing so last year. Now, I find that using a blow dryer works best, but now i'm stuck on this:How often do you guys wash your curly hair? I'm very used to washing my hair everyday and am trying to transition to washing my hair every other day. So, I end up blow drying everyday. I don't blow dry straight. I just blow dry the roots. I am trying to push it to every two days. Is this best? Also, I use Mane n Tail shampoo and conditioner. Even though I don't wash my hair every day, I still wet and condition every day. Twice a week I use INOVA professional miracle mask. Is this good? Is this a bad method? I figured it might be better to blow dry then to straighten with a flat iron. I've been dying to hear from people with curly hair like mine. Please share your routines with me.
I personally would limit the blow drying to maybe once every two weeks. If you're not trying to blow dry your hair straight, then why not let your hair air dry? Your curls will be more defined that way and possibly avoid heat damage and frizz. Also, you don't necessarily have to wash your hair everyday, especially with shampoo. Actually you really should only wash your hair when you notice product build-up or maybe every two-three weeks.

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