Random Straight Pieces

Hi everyone!

So i've recently become natural (started at the end of April) and have been doing CG since May. Since then, I have noticed a huge change in my curls. The right side of my head is noticably curlier than the left, with nice ringlets (I'm 3b)

However, the left side of my head is more damaged, and thus less curly. I have random straight pieces that are full strands, as well as a few straight ends left (I cut about 4 inches off a couple weeks ago). Is there anything I can do to regain the curl in those straight pieces? If not, will I have to wait until those pieces grow from the root?

Thanks for your help!
Unfortunately, you can't do anything about the straight pieces, because those are damaged. You can try doing twists, braids, or other styles overnight that will blend the 2 curl patterns together. Other than that, you'll just have to be patient and wait for that hair to grow out.
Oh! You can also try using a gel and scrunching? That might bring some curl back.
There is a chance those fully straight strands are naturally straight hair. I've been natural for years and I although I generally say i'm 4a/3c i have randomn straight hairs and wavy hairs. i used to cut them off when my hair was short because they're annoying for wash and gos. But since i do twists outs now it doesn't bug me anymore.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.
I heat damaged my 3a/3b hair to a straight , thin and lifeless wave. When I decided to go natural it was devastating. Its taken a year but I haven't once cut my hair and my old damaged hair has a pretty curl to it now.
Once a week I do a deep conditioning treatment of egg yolks and olive oil for 30 min to and hour. I shampoo with shea moisture and condition with aubrey brand (from whole foods or health stores) honeysuckle rose conditioner for brittle hair. I use a shirt to scrunch out water. Apply a small amount of ouidad leave in conditioner and a generous amount of deva curl defining gel. Let air dry. Never diffuse. You will notice a huge difference! I still haven't cut my hair and thanks to the conditioner I don't have a single split in...strange considering I live in the windy state of OK!
Don't be disgruntled. Give your hair copious amounts of moisture and no heat and youll find your hair!

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