Hey ladies. I posted in the newbie section of the forum buttt no one seemed to care!! Lol.

My name is Summer and I'm 26 years old. I am 4 months into my transition process, from relaxed to natural. So far I'm really enjoying the learning process of how to really care for your hair rather than relying on someone else to do it every couple of months.

My hair is relaxed hair is pretty healthy. Not much breakage or damage. I made the decision because I'm a single mom and I have so many things I'm trying to do financially that I decided I'm no longer going to go to the shop every 2-3 months and give them $75. It feels slightly selfish to me. (No offense to anyone that does do it because everyone's situation is different). Initially I thought this would be a temporary decision but the more I learn about it the more I am convinced to try for long term. I just wanted to introduce myself because I have no doubt I will need tons of support through this process!!
Check out tge threads in the transitioning section. There is a ton of good information and answers to uour questions. Goodluck!

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I have been transitioning since August 2012 and I am FINALLY enjoying it because I've learned of some good hair regimens to stick to. My hair isn't extremely long (neck length) but I love the ability to style it without BCing. Everyone has tried to convince me to BC but I love being able to do high buns and bantu knot outs and if I BC now, I won't be able to do those styles. I personally support long term transitioning because you will learn how to work with two textures. It also teaches you patience, something I lacked until recently. In the end, you'll learn to love your hair that much more plus if you let it grow out now, it won't be a length shock to you when you finally decide to get rid of your relaxed ends because your hair will be at a comfortable length already versus dealing with a TWA if you BC

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