Deep condition routine

Why deep condition before washing? I've DC'd a couple of times and I am trying to get a better routine. I notice that many naturals DC before they wash. I'm not sure if I should try that or continue to DC after washing. What's your routine??

Also, if you use the ACV rinse, at what point do you do that? Before or after washing?

Thanks in advance ladies!
Ooh, good question! I always deep condition after I wash. I never thought of it the other way around. I have to try that. For, ACV, I always do that before I condition or deep condition.

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I'm deep conditioning at this very moment I like to dc before I wash because my hair holds on to too much water so the conditioner penetrates better when my hair is free of water. If I need to dampen my hair before applying the dc I use avj. Also I do it before because I don't like getting in and out of the shower.

When I use acv I apply after rinsing out the conditioner as my last step.

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Thanks ladies! Lol that's funny, that's the main reason my friend gave me for DC'ing first, because she doesn't want to be in the shower more than necessary. I have super dry hair. And I attempted to do the ACV rinse. Then I DC'd with conditioner that I added EVOO and honey too. Then I washed and conditioned. While it made my hair soft at the time, I didn't not feel very moisturized once my hair was dry. Maybe because I have such dry hair, I should try DCing last to get all that moisture locked in.

Anyone know of any really good deep conditioners for really dry hair? I've heard the Giovanni brand is very moisturizing but I have no idea where to purchase those products. I'm also on the hunt for pure Shea butter. Not sure where to find that either!

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